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Fostering DREAMS one Student at a time.

Student factory is a youth centric living space the delivers an enabling environment that every student needs, in one location. Our modern living spaces are packed with amenities such gyms, a large café, well-appointed study areas and chapel to cater to their spiritual needs.

Contemporary living spaces

All our rooms offer a mix of modern living space in a range of different sizes and living arrangements to suit everyone from social butterflies to those who prefer their own company.

Great amenities

From swimming pool to private gym, gaming rooms, communal and private study rooms, our collection of common spaces provide you with somewhere to socialize or study in comfort.

Supportive student communities

Student Village , Karen aims to provide an all round living experience for students, we have partnered with academic, social and spiritual institutions to offer support to students. This is done through workshops and one on one sessions.

A holistic approach to the creation of a complete value chain in student housing across Africa

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