Student Experience

More Than A Room

At Student Village Karen, we are focused on providing more than just a bed.

Our campus offers affordable, mid-tier and top-end accommodation. Staying at Student Village, Karen not only offers the right educational environment but also covers students well being from a social and spiritual perspective.

Student experience

We will provide a holistic approach focused on the students well-being that allows them to thrive in a safe, secure and affordable environment.

The campus restaurant will offer healthy nutritious and affordable meal plans to all students. Our food is sourced locally from reputable farmers and suppliers.

Various facilities for sports, cooking and a chapel will enable strong community bonding among students

Basic health-care services will provided by our partner clinics. Several reputable hospitals are located nearby and accept health insurance cards from various providers.

Students interested in part time work as they study can register with our student agency located with in the campus

Recreation is a key component at Student Village Karen, we host student clubs at our communal areas, game rooms, sports tracks, swimming pool or periodical events such as start up academy, career days etc.

Academic Focus

We believe the reason students are here is to achieve academic success

We believe every student has a path they wish to follow in life and successfully completing their university education is the first step in this journey.

We recognise this and provide programs and facilities that help you to realise your academic goals. Enjoy a number of study aids including:

  • Libraries & Learning Resource Centers
  • High speed internet
  • Study areas & desks

Health & Wellbeing

We believe fitness and well-being play an important part of a healthy, balanced life.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is an important part of life, this not only helps students maintain their well-being but also a critical requirement to achieving academic success. During your stay with us, you will enjoy 24/7 access to modern, state-of-the-art gym equipped with the latest equipment and resident trainers.

Student Village Karen is located in a safe environment with many clubs and recreational facilities nearby.

We are a strong believer in maintaining good mental health, and encourages students to reach out to our friendly staff if they feel the need to engage in a support program or counselling sessions.

A holistic approach to the creation of a complete value chain in student housing across Africa

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